spotting scope for ocean viewing

Best spotting scopes for ocean viewing

Outdoor spotting scopes have many uses. Spotting scopes are used for hunting, shooting, astronomy, birding, photography, and ocean viewing. Buying the right spotting scope is essential when going for ocean viewing.

Who doesn’t love to view oceans. Sitting near the window of your room or at the balcony of your house or at the rooftop, if you can use your spotting scope to view the ocean how beautiful it will be.

I have already wrote reviews of spotting scopes for hunting, birding, photography and astrology. Now, a detailed review of spotting scopes for ocean is presented to you.

What to look for when buying spotting scope for ocean viewing

There are many things to look for when buying a new spotting scope for ocean viewing. Spotting scopes come in many sizes, different quality, different lenses.


It is important to buy spotting scopes with good magnifications for ocean viewing. Magnification helps to see far objects clearly. Magnification of the lens depends on the lens of the spotting scope. More the lens have magnifying power clearly, you can see far objects like a beach. How will you know the magnifying power of a spotting scope? To find this look for the name or in the description where written like 20x65mm or 18-45x65mm. The 20 and 18-45 here both represents the magnification of the spotting scope. Single 20 is for a spotting scope with fixed magnification power whereas 18-45 means this spotting scope has a variable magnification power which is adjustable using the scope’s magnification ring.

Objective Lens

The objective lens of a spotting scope is the lens that is opposite to the ocular lens or lens near to the viewer. Objective lens use is to let the light to come in the spotting scope. The bigger the size of objective lens, the clear the image of the object will be seen. So, buy a spotting scope with bigger objective lens.

Straight or Angled Scope

Spotting scopes can be straight or angled according to the orientation of the eyepieces. Straight scopes are good handheld and they need to be mounted at the viewer’s eye level. Whereas, angled scopes can be mounted lower and they are steadier.

Build quality of the Scope

This also very important when buying a new spotting scope for ocean viewing. Scopes made with good quality materials lust long. Some scopes are built waterproof and dustproof, you should look for such scopes if you are going to use it for rugged adventures.

Coatings on Lens

The lens with anti-fog coating gives a clear vision. During the winter or rainy season, it is most likely to build fogs on the lens from the vapors from the mouth. If the scope has anti-fog coating you do not have to worry. And multi-coating lens gives great light transmission and bring bright images to your eyes.

Tripod Mount

When buying a new spotting scope it is always nice to check the tripod mount of the scope. All scopes do not come with a tripod. Sometimes, the tripod stand needs to be bought separately. For this reason, the tripod mount should accommodate to easily mount a scope on a tripod.

After we see all the above features of scope we can decide to buy a scope. Here we list some best spotting scopes for ocean viewing. With these scopes, you can watch the beach, marine animals, boats, etc.

Athlon Optics Talos

This scope has K9 glass prisms with a silver coating which reflects light amazingly giving clear bright image. Waterproof and fog-proof makes it better for outdoor adventures. Highly recommended this spotting scope for viewing marine animals.


1.K9 glass prism with silver coating gives clear bright image.

2.Fully multi-coated lens gives better light transmission and better image.

3.Rotating ring of the scope allows a lot of viewing angles on the tripod.

4.This scope gives magnification of 20x to 60x and objective lens is 80mm in diameter.

5.The scope’s eye relief is also pretty good at low power.


  • Multi-coated lens.
  • Waterproof and fog-proof scope.
  • Nitrogen Purging giving better thermal stability.
  • Tabletop tripod and a bag is included with the product.


  • Magnification adjustment could have smoother

FLIR Ocean Scout TK Monocular

Compact handheld scope helps to find marine life during night through thermal image. This can record images and videos for hours. This works up to 100 yards or 90 meters.


1.This scope is compact and easy to carry, works up to 100 yards of distance.

2.It creates thermal images which are better than night vision scope images for finding marine life.

3.Can record videos and shoot photos to share with others.

SVBONY SV41 Mini Compact Spotting Scope

SVBONY SV41 Mini Compact Spotting Scope

This scope is one of the best scope for outdoor adventure, equipped with best zoom eyepiece and 12 coil stroke fine focus knob for adjustment.


1.Compact spotting scope that has about 780 m of focal length.

2.Waterproof design for outdoor adventures.

3.Comes with two tripods, one is table top tripod easy for carrying.

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